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Charlene McCoy is a published artist working in Lima, Ohio. She lives in her 1930's farm house with her husband and energetic little boy. Having grown up in an artistic family Charlene was consistently exposed to a variety of mediums. Over the years she chose graphic design and photography as her medium of choice. She was first paid for her craft while attending college for business in 2005. Since that time she has continued to photograph anything and anyone she finds interesting.


Resume and references are available.

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Artist Statement on Photography:

I love to create. The simplicity of this statement is about as straightforward as the photographs I take. I  often direct myself towards subjects with admirable contrast and remarkable detail. My intention has always been to explore these bold compositions and in turn share my love of intensity with my audience.


Over the years practicing photography has become a necessity, a way to sustain my fascination with the extraordinary . Producing this artwork not only inspires me to become a more thorough artist but a wife and mother as well.

Findlay Ohio Photographer Pandora Ohio Photographer

Lima Ohio Photographer

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